Historical note - this discography dates up to 2001. Updates coming soon.

Angel [S.B. single]

12   Silvertone   ORE T11    December 1989
CD   Silvertone   ORE CD11   December 1989

Track Listing:

  1. Angel 7:50
  2. Angel (extended) 9:37
  3. Help Me Please (drum mix) 4:39

Spectrum [S.B. album]

LP    Silvertone   ORE ZLP 506    February 1990
CD    Silvertone   ORE CD 506     February 1990
Tape  Silvertone                  February 1990

Track Listing:

  1. Help Me Please 4:43
  2. Lonely Avenue [pomus] 3:17
  3. Angel 7:53
  4. Rock'n'Roll Is Killing My Life [rev/vega] 4:17
  5. You're The One 3:38
  6. Pretty Baby 6:22
  7. If I Should Die 9:19

The early vinyl has a neat swirly disc on the cover (officially called an "op-art" sleeve). There is also a coupon inside for the free Sonic Boom single "Octaves/Tremelos" available to the first 2000 buyers of the Spectrum LP. Among the other players on the album are Jason, Will Carruthers, and Mark Refoy of Spacemen 3, the Jazz Butcher, and Josephine Wiggs of The Breeders. Engineer Paul Adkins plays drums.
"Rock'n'Roll Is Killing My Life" is a cover of a Suicide song.
"Lonely Avenue" was a Doc Pomus song that Ray Charles recorded way back.

Octaves/Tremelos [S.B. 10" single]

10"    Silvertone   SONIC 1    February 1990

Track Listing:

  1. Octaves
  2. Tremelos

Limited edition released in several different coloured vinyls as a bonus offer available to purchasers of the Spectrum album. This 10" is playable at 16, 33, 45, or 78 rpm.

Drone Dream [S.B. single]

7"    Sympathy For The Record Industry   SFTRI 75    Spring 1991

Track Listing:

  1. Tremelos
  2. Ecstacy (In Slow Motion)

US coloured vinyl picture sleeve 7" release of Silvertone freebie with a different version of "Tremelos" and "Ecstacy (In Slow Motion)" This EP came in 12 different colored vinyls, including a luminous version.

Guitarrorists [S.B. one track]

CD/LP   No.6 Records   KAR 009-2    1991

First track is Sonic's:

  1. Overture 1:55

Various artists doing instrumentals. Includes most of Sonic Youth, Nick Saloman (of Bevis Frond), J Mascis, Two Nice Girls...

(I Love You) To The Moon And Back/Capo Waltz [Spect. single]

7"    Silvertone   SONIC 2

Track Listing:

  1. (I Love You) To The Moon And Back
  2. Capo Waltz

This bonus 7" was given away free to people who attended Spectrum's first shows in April - May 1991. "To The Moon And Back" is a demo from the following album. "Capo Waltz" is an instrumental and was recorded live at Coventry Polytechnic on November 24th, 1990.

How You Satisfy Me [Spect. single]

7"    Silvertone               1991
12"   Silvertone               1991
CD    Silvertone   ORE CD41    1991

Track Listing:

  1. How You Satisfy Me 4:13
  2. Don't Go (Instrumental I) 2:51
  3. My Life Spins Round Your Every Smile 6:30
  4. Don't Go (Instrumental II) 3:33

Also available in the "squish-pack". 7" and 12" pressed on clear vinyl.

True Love Will Find You In The End [Spect. single]

7"    Silvertone               1992
12"   Silvertone               1992
CD    Silvertone   ORE CD44    1991

Track Listing - 7":

  1. True Love Will Find You In The End (Radio Mix)
  2. My Life Spins Round Your Every Smile (Remix)

Track Listing - 12":

  1. True Love Will Find You In The End (Extended Mix)
  2. True Love Will Find You In The End (Demo Mix)
  3. To The Moon and Back (Remix)
  4. Waves Wash Over Me (Remix)

Track Listing - CD:

  1. True Love Will Find You In The End (Radio Mix) 3:31
  2. To The Moon and Back (Remix) 7:00
  3. Waves Wash Over Me (Remix) 5:31
  4. My Life Spins Round Your Every Smile (Remix) 6:45

The 12" is pressed on yellow vinyl.

Soul Kiss (Glide Divine) [Spect. album]

LP   Silvertone                   1992
CD   Silvertone   ORE CD 518      1992 (UK)
CD   Silvertone   01241-41501-2   1992 (reissued in 1996)

Track Listing:

  1. How You Satisfy Me [kember/formby] 4:11
  2. Lord I Don't Even Know My Name [kember] 4:07
  3. The Drunk Suite [kember/formby] 0:49
  4. Neon Sigh [kember] 6:32
  5. Waves Wash Over Me [kember] 5:30
  6. (I Love You) To The Moon And Back [kember] 5:30
  7. My Love For You Never Died Away But My Soul Gave Out And Withered [kember] 2:39
  8. Sweet Running Water [kember/formby] 6:50
  9. Touch The Stars [kember] 6:23
  10. Quicksilver Glide Divine [kember] 6:50
  11. The Drunk Suite [kember/formby] 9:00
  12. Phase Me Out (Gently) [kember] 15:00

Sonic Boom: Vox Starstreamer, keyboards, wind tube, drones, effects, and vocals
Richard Formby: Guitar, 12 string guitar, lap steel, bouzouki, and keyboards
Mike Stout: Fender bass
Geoff Donkin: Percussion

Additional musicians:
Pat Fish (sax), Kevin Martin (sax), Dave Kent (violin), Pete Atack (cello), Sean Cook (harmonica)

The first 5000 copies came in a special gel-filled package (a.k.a. "the squish pack", for both the CD and the vinyl. Vinyl release does not include the first "The Drunk Suite" cut.

The "Play Twice Before Listening" inscription on the back cover was nicked from the first Silver Apples album, recorded back in 1968 and a major influence on Sonic's work.

True Love Will Find You In The End [Spect. double 7"]

7" x 2    Sympathy For The Record Industry    SFTRI 188

Track Listing:

  1. True Love Will Find You In The End
  2. Taste The Ozone
  3. Don't Go (Please Stay) (vocal version)
  4. Drunk Suite/Quicksilver Glide Divine

Different versions from those previously released. Even though "Drunk Suite" is labelled as a vocal version on the sleeve, "Don't Go" is the song which gains vocals. 100 promo copies were pressed on colored vinyl.

Super Sympathy Spectrum Stocking Stuffer [Spect. 7" split single]

7" x 2    Sympathy For The Record Industry    SFTRI 209

Track Listing:

  1. Santa Claus (The Sonics)
  2. Christmas Message From Sonic Boom

Split 7" with the Field Trip, released Christmas 1992. Sonic also plays on the Field Trip's song. This is also the first Spectrum release to feature new guitarist Kevin Cowan (ex-Darkside) who replaces Richard Formby (who took over Kevin's spot briefly in The Darkside). Tony Lambert plays drums. Recorded Nov. 13, 1992

Spectrum/Moonshake [Spect. 7" split single]

7"    Independent 20    TT015e    1992

Track Listing:

  1. Moonshake - Night Tripper
  2. Spectrum - Taste The Ozone

7" freebie given away with copies of the Independent 20 compilation LP

Indian Summer [Spect. EP]

7"    Silvertone                                       August 1993
12"   Silvertone                                       August 1993
CD    Silvertone                          ORE CD56     August 1993
10"   Sympathy For The Record Industry    SFTRI 278    May 1994

Track Listing:

  1. Indian Summer [Beat Happening] 3:10
  2. Baby Don't You Worry (California Lullabye) [D. Torrence] 2:33
  3. It's Alright [B. Diddley] 6:25 Only available on the 12" vinyl and the CD
  4. True Love Will Find You In The End [D. Johnston] 3:36 Only available on the 12" vinyl and the CD

Track Listing - Sympathy 10":

  1. Baby Don't You Worry (California Lullabye) [D. Torrence] 2:33
  2. It's Alright [B. Diddley] 6:25
  3. Indian Summer [Beat Happening] 3:10
  4. True Love Will Find You In The End [D. Johnston] 3:36
  5. Thru The Rhythm (Hall/Sutherland) 3:04 Originally appeared on the Ahmisa compilation of Rugby bands.

EP of cover songs (from Beat Happening, Jan & Dean, Bo Diddley, and Daniel Johnston) Each disc is individually numbered. The Sympathy 10" is simply called "Spectrum" and includes a 13th Floor Elevators cover recorded back when Richard Formby was still in the band. This 10" was released in a in 4 clear vinyl copies and at least one red vinyl copy.

Mechanical Man [S.B. 7" single]

7"    Sympathy For The Record Industry    SFTRI 191    February 1994

Track Listing:

  1. Mechanical Man [manson]

7" single with two different versions of the Charles Manson tune - one side Frank Kozic, the other side Sonic's. Sonic does play all the instruments on both sides. Limited first pressing on green vinyl.

Spectrum/Stereolab [Spect. 7" split single]

7"    Silvertone

Track Listing:

  1. Soul Kiss Glide Divine

Originally only three test pressings were ever manufactured. Silvertone later released twenty-five copies of this single which are now commanding big prices on the collectors market.

An article about this single goes into the details about how it came to be and why it's so expensive these days. Here's a scan of it, but I don't have the source info for which mag it came from.

Mesmerised [E.A.R. album]

LP    Sympathy For The Record Industry                 June 1994
CD    Sympathy For The Record Industry    SFTRI 279    June 1994

Track Listing:

  1. DMT Symphony (Overture To An Inhabited Zone) 10:44
  2. Mesmerise 4901 26:31
  3. California Nocturne 7:20
  4. Guitar Feedback Manipulation 12:02 Only available on the CD

Quoting from the back of the CD: E.A.R. is a loose affiliation of non-resident "sound makers" including from time to time Sonic Boom (Spectrum, Spacemen 3), Kevin Martin (God), Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), and Eddie Prevost (A.M.M.) amongst others. Mesmerised is a Sonic effort.
The LP is limited to an edition of 1000.

Pocket Symphony [E.A.R. 5" single]

5"    Sympathy For The Record Industry    SFTRI 293    October 1994

Track Listing:

  1. Mesmerise Reprise
  2. DMT Symphony

Also credits Scott Riley, Tom Prentice (God) and Pete Bassman.

Undo The Taboo [Spect. EP single]

CD    Silvertone    ORE CD65    October 1994

Track Listing:

  1. Undo The Taboo 6:52
  2. In The Fullness Of Time 9:54
  3. Turn The Tide (Sub-Aqua) 6:42
  4. Go To Sleep 7:05

Highs, Lows And Heavenly Blows [Spect. album]

CD   Silvertone    ORE CD532    1992

Track Listing:

  1. Undo the Taboo 6:52
  2. Feedback 4:23
  3. Then I Just Drifted Away 7:23
  4. Take Your Time [kember/riley] 5:26
  5. Soothe Me 5:14
  6. All Night Long 5:56
  7. Don't Pass Me By 6:56
  8. I Know They Say 7:39
  9. Take Me Away 5:29

Sonic Boom: Vox Starstreamer, Keyboards, Feedback, F.X., Manipulation, Vocals
Scott Riley: Fender Jaguar, Gibson Firebird, Keyboards, Vocals

Additional musicians:
Alf Hardy (engineering, sampling, analogue mono synthesisers, drum programming), Pat Fish (saxophone), Brian (harmonica), Pete Bassman (bass)

Hydroponic [E.A.R. 10"]

10"   Man's Ruin Records    MRU001    February 1995

Track Listing:

  1. Delta 6 (Hydroponic)
  2. Space Theme Pt. 1 (Tribute to John Cage in C, A, G, & E)
  3. Space Theme Pt. 2

"Hydroponic" also appears on the Virgin compilation Ambient 4 - Isolationism which also features A.M.M., Seefeel, Aphex Twin, and others.

untitled [E.A.R. 8"]

8"   Sympathy For The Record Industry    SFTRI 307    May 1995

Track Listing:

  1. Sub Aqua / Tidal / Lunar
  2. As The Night Starts Closing In
  3. Inner Endless Nameless

Sonic with Graham Walker and Pete Bassman

Beyond The Pale [E.A.R. album]

LP   Big Cat Records               March 1996
CD   Big Cat Records    ABB96CD    March 1996

Track Listing:

  1. Beyond The Pale 14:55
  2. The Calm Before 3:48
  3. In The Cold Light Of Day 14:01
  4. The Calm Beyond 3:40
  5. Dusk 3:55
  6. The Circle Is Blue 7:59

Sonic Boom: Feedback, drones, spatial and ambient effects, synthi VCS3
Kevin Martin: Saxophone, wah wah, and echoes
Eddie Prevost: Percussion and bowed cymbal
Kevin Shields: Treated guitar

Recorded back in 1992, this was originally the first E.A.R. CD recorded that was endlessly delayed.

Spectrum and Jessamine - A Pox On You [Spect. EP]

CD   Space Age Recordings    ORBIT 003CD    May 1996

Track Listing:

  1. A Pox On You 5:55 A cover of the Silver Apples song.
  2. Satellite 9:57
  3. Radiophonic (Musique Concrete) 11:11
  4. Opus 3 2:35
  5. Satellite (reprise) 4:00

Andy Brown: Voltage Controlled Synthesizer
Dawn Smithson: Bass
Michael Saeth: Drums
Rex Ritter: Pedals, Voltage Controlled Synthesizer
Sonic Boom: Vocals, VCS 3, Theremin

The New Atlantis [label sampler CD]

CD   Space Age Recordings    ORBIT 004CD    May 1996

Track Listing:

  1. Spectrum and Jessamine - A Pox On You 5:21 From the Spectrum and Jessamine EP.
  2. Spacemen 3 - X-Tacy (Live Intro Theme) 9:26 From the Space Age release of Dreamweapon.
  3. Experimental Audio Research - Spacestation 8:13
  4. Jessamine - I'm Not Afraid Of Electricity 8:20
  5. Experimental Audio Research - Guitar Feedback Manipulation 11:54 From Mesmerized.
  6. Bowery Electric - Out Of Phase 5:37
  7. Spacemen 3 - Transparent Radiation (demo) 4:26
  8. Spectrum - Antennae 3:20
  9. Spacemen 3 - Repeater (demo) 7:42
  10. Spectrum - The New Atlantis 2:40

Space Age Recordings sampler CD with a few exclusive tracks

Phenomena 256 [E.A.R. album]

CD   Space Age Recordings              ORBIT 005CD    August 1996
CD   Sympathy For The Record Industry  SFTRI459

Track Listing:

  1. Delta 6 (Hydroponic) 8:51
  2. Space Themes Part 1 and 2 (Tribute to John Cage in C, A, G, E) 8:01
    • Sub Aqua (left channel) 9:50
    • Tidal (centre channel)
    • Lunar (right channel)
  3. Ring Modulator 2:51
  4. As The Night Starts Closing In 10:27
  5. Phenomena 256 (3 piece suite) 14:12
  6. Spacestation 9:32
  7. Mood For A Summer Sundown 5:13

Sonic Boom: Feedback, Synthi VCS3, Drones
Eddie Prevost: Bowed symbol
Kevin Martin: Treated saxophone
Tom Prentice: Electric viola
Scott Riley: Hammer guitar
Pete Bain: Lap steel guitar
Alf Hardy: Voltage Control Adviser

Songs For Owsley [Spect. EP]

CD   Reprise   9 46303-2   October 1996
LP   Birdman   BMR-015

Track Listing:

  1. Owsley 5:45
  2. Liquid Intentions 5:47
  3. Feels Like I'm Slipping Away 5:42
  4. Sine Study #1 6:44
  5. The New Atlantis 5:46

Sonic Boom: Synthi VCS3, Oscar, Theremin, Vocoder, Vocals
Alf Hardy: Voltage Control Adviser, Voltage Controlled Synthesiser
Pete Bassman: Programming vibrations

Songs for Owsley is dedicated to Augustus Stanley Owsley III, the famous 60's acid manufacturer referred to in Tom Wolfe's Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test?

The lyrics for "The New Atlantis" are cited from the works of Sir Francis Bacon, but perhaps more telling is that the Bacon quote appears on the front cover of the original EMS Synthi A and VCS3 manuals. You can also find the quote in the opening of the book "Synthesis" by Herbert A. Deutsch - a very good sourcebook on sound generation and electronic music.

The Köner Experiment [E.A.R. album]

CD   Mille Plateaux       36           February 1997
CD   Space Age Recordings USCD 666

Track Listing (all pieces untitled):

  1. Track 1 3:56
  2. Track 2 4:08
  3. Track 3 5:10
  4. Track 4 5:07
  5. Track 5 6:38
  6. Track 6 4:15
  7. Track 7 3:57
  8. Track 8 4:09
  9. Track 9 4:50
  10. Track 10 4:21

Sonic Boom: EMS VCS3 & Synthi A, Serge Modular Music System, guitar, wind Pipes
Kevin Martin: Saxophone, wah wah, echoes
Eddie Prevost: Bowed symbols, percussion
Kevin Shields: Treated guitar
Thomas Köner and Andy Mellwig: Rhythms and pulses

Sputnik [E.A.R. 7"]

7"   Satellite Recordings    V SAT 6    August 1997

Track Listing:

  1. Sputnik

Split single with Thurston Moore and Don Fleming. Dedicated to Joe Meek, the 7" is pressed on clear glitter vinyl.

Forever Alien [Spect. album]

LP   Space Age                   September 1997
CD   Space Age    ORBIT 008CD    August 1997
CD   Reprise      9-46352-2      August 1997

Track Listing:

  1. Feels Like I'm Slipping Away 5:32
  2. The Stars Are So Far (How Does It Feel?) 7:01
  3. Close Your Eyes and You'll See 6:03
  4. Delia Derbyshire 4:29
  5. Owsley 5:43
  6. Forever Alien 4:26
  7. Matrix 5:00
  8. Like..... 5:09
  9. The New Atlantis 5:29
  10. The End 5:14
  11. Sounds For A Thunderstorm (For Peter Zinovieff)* 5:02
  12. Liquid Intentions* 14:56
  13. Sine Study* 3:30

*Appear only on the Space Age Records release

Sonic Boom: EMS Synthi AKS and VCS3, OSCar, theremin, Serge Modular Music System, vocoder, and vocals
Alf Hardy: Voltage controlled synthesizers, vocoder, and vibraphone
Pete Bassman: Programming vibrations

The vinyl edition of the album is pressed on a special "glitter" vinyl material and is only limited to 100 copies or so.

The Reprise release further confuses the difference between "limited" and "unlimited" releases by releasing "limited" edition which is identical to their "unlimited" edition except that it comes in a digipak and cost four dollars more.

Feels Like I'm Slipping Away [Spect. single]

CD   Space Age    ORBIT 010CD    September 1997

Track Listing:

  1. Feels Like I'm Slipping Away 5:33
  2. Forever Alien 4:26
  3. DreaM Time 6:44
  4. What Comes Before After? 4:36

What Came Before After [S.B. & Spectrum album]

CD   Sympathy For The Record Industry    SFTRI 493    November 1997

Track Listing:

  1. True Love will Find You in the End
  2. Don't Go
  3. 2 Chord 12 Bar
  4. The Drunk Suite Reprise
  5. California Lullabye
  6. It's Alright
  7. Indian Summer
  8. True Love...(Alt version)
  9. Through the Rhythm
  10. Mechanical Man
  11. Help Me Please
  12. My Life Spins Round Your Every Smile
  13. Octaves
  14. Tremeloes
  15. Ecstacy In Slow Motion

Compilation CD which compiles a lot of early tracks.

Tracks 1-4 are from the "True Love..." 2x7" on Sympathy ("2 Chord 12 Bar" is actually "Taste The Ozone")

Tracks 5-9 are from the "Spectrum" 10" on Sympathy featuring the different mix of "California Lullaby"

Track 10 is from the Kozik/Sonic Boom single on Sympathy.

Track 11 is the "Drum Mix" of "Help Me Please" from the Angel 12" on Silvertone.

Track 12 is from the "How You Satisfy Me" 12" and/or the "True Love..." CD single on Silvertone.

Tracks 13-15 are from the "Drone Dream" 7" on Sympathy (or, 13 and 14 are from "Octaves/Tremeloes" 10" on Silvertone, and 15 is from "Dreamweapon")

Millenium Music [E.A.R. album]

CD   Atavistic    ALP72CD    January 1998
LP   Atavistic    ALP72LP    January 1998

Track Listing:

  1. Delysid 19:58
  2. Digitana 19:20
  3. The Enigma Coda 18:47
  4. Delysid (alternate mix) 19:58

Sonic Boom: EMS VCS3, Synthi AKS and Synthi HI-FLI, customized human voice synthesizer, Serge Modular Music System, theremin, and modified insect and animal voice synthesizer
Eddie Prevost: Bowed cymbals, stridulated drum skins, and percussion
Tom Prentice: Treated electric viola
Pete Bassman: Treated electric bass

Recorded live direct to 24-track. Also released as a VHS video from Atavistic, and contains 2 songs "Delysid" and "Digitana".

Transistor Music [E.A.R. 7"]

7"   Earworm    Worm 22    October 1998

Track Listing:

  1. Interlude (with apologies to Harrison Birtwistle)
  2. Transistor Music (with ring modulators and tremelo)

Death Of A Robot [E.A.R. 9"]

9"   Ochre    OCH025    October 1998

Track Listing:

  1. Death Of A Robot (for the Radiophonic Workshop) 6:58
  2. Automatic Music (for oscillator, ring modulator, and filter clusters) 12:13

Electronic Devices: EMS VCS3 & Synthi AK5, Serge Modular Music System, OSCar, and Custom Human Voice Synthesizer

Produced by Sonic Boom
Engineered by Sonic Boom & Pete Bassman
Recorded at RCS Studios, Rugby

Data Rape [E.A.R. album]

CD   Space Age    ORBIT 013CD    September 1998

Track Listing:

  1. Track 1 5:10
  2. Track 2 15:17
  3. Track 3 3:58
  4. Track 4 5:05
  5. Track 5 17:11
  6. Track 6 8:27
  7. Track 7 5:08
  8. Track 8 13:39

All tracks are untitled. Quoting from the CD booklet:

The sound collages on this disc were created using 8 human voice synthesisers, originally marketed by Texas Instruments as the "Speak & Spell" range of toys during the 1970's. These instruments have been customized with added switches, buttons, knobs, and wiring to give phoneme looping, random phrase generation, various modulations, pitch shifting and other non-standard effects.

Some processing with equilization and effects was then added using a Morley phaser and a modified EMS VCS3.

This process, often called "circuit bending", exploits the inherent instabilities in the circuitry of audio toys, radios, and other soundmaking instruments by sending electronic signals and data to and from previously unrelated circuit-board points giving unique, unpredictable, and highly unusual sounds.

Data Rape (Part 9) [E.A.R. 7"]

7"   Earworm    Worm 35    January 1999

Track Listing:

  1. Data Rape (part 9)
  2. Savage Scratch

A limited "blue cover" version of this is available also.

"Savage Scratch" isn't a song at all but an etching by Savage Pencil. Effectively, this is a one-sided single.

Spectrum & Silver Apples - A Lake Of Teardrops [Spectrum EP]

CD   Space Age    ORBIT016CD    February 1999

Track Listing:

  1. Streams Of Sorrow 5:12
  2. Sixth Sense 0:55
  3. The Edge 4:17
  4. Second Sight 0:31
  5. Whirlwind 5:22
  6. (I Don't Care If You) Never Come Back 2:36

Simeon: Voice, Electronics and Oscillators Sonic Boom: Synthi AKS, Customized Configurable Sampler, and Human Voice Synthesizer
Will Carruthers: Bass Vibrations
Iain Worrall: Percussion
Alf Hardy: Electronics

E.A.R. & Jessamine - Living Sound [E.A.R. CD]

CD   Histrionic    HIST02    May 1999

Track Listing:

  1. track 1 9:21
  2. track 2 8:43
  3. track 3 2:07
  4. track 4 4:37
  5. track 5 7:47
  6. track 6 7:52
  7. track 7 7:48

Sonic Boom: EMS Synthi AKS, Serge Modular, Bowed Cymbals, Theremin
Andy Brown: Micromoog, Farfisa
Dawn Smithson: Bass
Michael Faeth: Drums, Cymbals
Rex Ritter: Guitar

Live album recorded at Moe's in Seattle, Washington on 8 August, 1996.

Spectrum & The Imajinary Friends - Interface/Come Out To Play [Spectrum EP]

CD   Space Age    ORBIT017CD    July 1999

Track Listing:

  1. Against The Grain 2:02
  2. Taste The Night 10:03

Sonic Boom: Synthi VCS3, OSCar, Human Voice Synthesiser, Serge Modular Music System, and Insect Voice Synthesiser
Alf Hardy: Voltage Controlled Synthesisers and Digital Information Streams
Pete Bassman: Programming Vibrations

Split EP. The E.A.R. tracks are the last two.

Pestrepeller [E.A.R. album]

CD   Ochre    OCH009LCD    July 1999
LP   Ochre    OCH009LV    July 1999

Track Listing:

  1. Beyond The Point Of No Return (Part One)
  2. Beyond The Point Of No Return (Part Two)
  3. Automatic Music (For Oscillator, Ring Modulator And Filter Cluster)

The vinyl is limited to 1000 on glitter vinyl.

Live At The Dream Palace [E.A.R. album]

CD   Ochre    OCH015LCD    May 2000

Track Listing:

  1. Modulo 2 45:46
  2. Song For A Seraphim 20:34

Recorded during the Data Rape tour at the Dream Palace in New Orleans on 27 November, 1998.

271199 [compilation]

CD   Ochre    OCH020LCD    June 2000

Track Listing:

  1. Synchromesh (excerpt from a live electronic improvisation) 5:37

Ochre Records compilation album features an E.A.R. track.

Interface [compilation]

CD   Space Age    ORBIT019CD    October 2000

Track Listing:

  1. Rise (Spectrum)
  2. Auto://Trophic (Longstone)
  3. Daemon (Synaptic Gridlock)
  4. Agnus Dei (Peter Zinovieff)
  5. Deceleration (Stylus)
  6. The Way In (121 Dials)
  7. Shimmer (Experimental Audio Research)
  8. Missing Mass (The Land Of Nod)
  9. Eve Transmission (Magnetaphone)
  10. Cat Music (Parts 1 & 2) (The Imajinary Friends)
  11. Flange (John Massoni and Sonic Boom)
  12. Out Beyond The Breakers (Octal)
  13. Ornate Flame Terminal (Skyray)

Space Age, Ochre, and Earworm compiliation.

Vibrations [E.A.R. album]

CD   Rocket Girl    RGIRL18    December 2000

Track Listing:

  1. Kalimbell
  2. Ring
  3. Synchrondipity
  4. Wired Waves
  5. Tripple

The Sundowner Sessions [John Massoni and Sonic]

CD   Space Age    ORBIT019CD    December 2000

Track Listing:

  1. Voices
  2. Organ
  3. Flange
  4. Untitled

Live Chronicles Vol. 1 [Spectrum album]

CD-R  September 2001

Track Listing:

  1. Transparent Radiation
  2. Che
  3. When Tomorrow Hits
  4. Call The Doctor
  5. Sweet Running Water
  6. Set Me Free
  7. Revolution
  8. Intro
  9. Lonely Avenue
  10. The World Is Dying
  11. Help Me Please
  12. Pretty Baby
  13. Rock 'N' Roll Is Killing My Life
  14. If I Should Die

Limited edition CD-R pressed by Sonic himself. Tracks 1-7 recorded at Newcastle Riverside Studios for Tyne-tees television on 29 May 1991. Tracks 8-14 recorded at the University Of London Union on 3 May 1990.

Live Chronicles Vol. 2 [Spectrum album]

CD-R  September 2001

Track Listing:

  1. Set Me Free
  2. Revolution
  3. True Love Will Find You In The End
  4. How You Satisfy Me
  5. I Love You To The Moon And Back
  6. Capo Waltz
  7. Take Your Time
  8. I Know They Say
  9. Mary Anne
  10. Lord I Don't Even Know My Name
  11. Undo The Taboo
  12. Santa Claus
  13. Suicide
  14. Soul Kiss (long version)

Limited edition CD-R pressed by Sonic himself. Tracks 1-4 from Radio 1 In Session, 27 July 1992. Track 5 from the Silvertone freebie 7" (SONIC2). Track 6 from Coventry Poly. 24 Nov. 1990. Tracks 7-8 from Cabaret Metro, Chicago on 24 Feb. 1995. Tracks 9-10 from Crocodile Cafe, Seattle 1 March 1995. Tracks 11-13 from Highbury Garage, London 10 Dec. 1994. Track 14 from the Volume Five CD/magazine.

Continuum [E.A.R. album]

CD   Space Age    ORBIT026CD    December 2001

Track Listing:

  1. Submarine 7:42
  2. Buzz 8:17
  3. Shimmer 9:06
  4. Swing 12:48
  5. Ebb 9:06
  6. Echo Gull 11:57
  7. Whisper Incantor 6:08
  8. See-Saw 9:09
  9. l>

Other Stuff:

Volume Five
Various artists CD/magazine which includes:
1. Soul Kiss 4:40
Apparently this is an edit of a track Sonic gave the magazine, which they didn't use in it's entirety for reasons of space. The original was supposedly 10 minutes long.

Excursion In Ambience - The Third Orbit
Astralwerks ASW 6119-2
Compilation CD of various "ambient" artists. Contains a new version of "Pulse Drone (Neon Sigh)."

Set Me Free
A 7" from Moroccan Mayhem Records contains this track which originally aired as part of a BBC Radio Session on July 27, 1992. The single also includes some rare Spacemen 3 tracks.

How You Satisfy Me
Video on Melody Maker Video, vol. 1
Video was produced on a low budget by Sonic's friend who owns a computer. Also available as a radio station promo.

Soul Kiss (New version)
Video on Melody Maker Video, vol. 4

So, You Got Anything Else - Kirk Lake
LP/CD Che CHE 27
EAR provides some backing music to this spoken word album.

Volume Twelve
Various artists CD/magazine which includes:
"Space Theme (Tribute to John Cage in C, A, G, E)" an E.A.R. track

The Corners of the Mouth
Bubble Core Records BC-014 CD / LPX2
The compilation benefits The School of Sound, part of a non-profit organization called 'The Sound Healers Association' devoted to teaching the healing powers of music and sound. The E.A.R. track is called "Orpheus (for Ghazala, Subotnik, and Zinovieff)"

Thanks to Chris Barrus for this discography